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Zoltán Attila Liktor: The person behind the spirit and concept of the Golden Bull of Hungary (1222). Nr. 2022/07.

Hungary celebrates this year the 800th anniversary of the promulgation (1222) of the Golden Bull of Hungary sealed by King Andrew II of Jerusalem (1205–1235), one of the greatest ruler of the country. During the middle ages the Apostolic Kingdom of Hungary, founded by King Saint Stephen (1000–1038), was one of the most powerful realms in the Christian World. The edict had been serving as the most important and emblematic document of the historical constitutional system of Hungary until the revolution of 1848 which brought fundamental changes. Although the charter of rights issued by King Andrew II shows perfectly the specialities of the Hungarian Theory of State (Theory of the Holy Crown),  and it was object of various (comparative) researches before, however it is still unclear under what influence the document was written. Its author, the Royal Chancellor Cletus, later bishop of Eger also remained out of picture, however he probably could be the key to answer the question.

In memoriam of a patriotic Hungarian noble statesman, Cletus from the clan Beyl, bishop of Eger on the octocentenary of the promulgation of the Golden Bull

The working paper is available for download here.

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